About Us

Once you have decided on installing artificial grass, all you want is a professional contractor who will give you value for your money. We are the best option whenever you want installation of artificial grass lawns to the highest standard. We believe that for quality services, there are no shortcuts in any procedure. This is why we use the standard application methods and top it up with a warranty which will boost your trust in us.

Once you give us the job of installing artificial grass for you, we will take you through the types that are available and help you choose the one that will work best for you. We cannot give you advice before touring the site as each job has its unique requirements which can only be determined after a site tour.

Here are some of the factors that will determine the type of products used:

  • Area accessibility
  • The drainage of the area
  • Stability of the ground
  • Potential of activity at the site e.g. Sports, kids, pets etc.
  • Durability
  • Security
  • Creative edge finish
  • Capital

All in all, we put our concern in the specific needs and requirements of the client and do our best to implement it. This therefore means that we are flexible enough to suit the needs of all ouyr clients.

Our company has been accredited by the country’s health and safety department. This therefore means that all our installation procedures follow the health and safety procedures, statements and policies for the safety of both our workers and the client.

We have been in the market for five years now and we have performed quite a number of different artificial grass installation ranging from installation in a sports field, home lawns, bedrooms, walls and ceilings. We are therefore conversant with all the types of grass turf in the market. This means that you can trust in our ability to guide you on the best choice for your case. You can also relax and be sure to expect a good job done, which otherwise is backed up by a warranty plan.

Another good thing about our company is that we keep videos of all our grass installations which we let our clients view in a bid to build their trust. Our services include construction of a sub base, actual grass laying and seaming of the turf. This will guarantee you a lifetime service from the artificial turf, just as it is meant to be.

We cut the turf borders into the shape of your lawn, making it appear as natural and seamless as possible. Our team is very keen at the first time grass cutting as this has to be correct to avoid wastage. Precision is also key as we do not want to leave you with a lawn that looks fake to the eye.

This means that all the grass rolls that have to be glued onto each other have to be precisely aligned to impress. Your satisfaction is always our joy. Consult us today and watch us bring your dream grass lawn into a reality.

Video with good info about installing aritificial turf.. worth your watch: