Why We Created This Website

With the growing popularity of artificial grass, so many people are turning to the internet to learn more about the same and evaluate the benefits of undertaking such an investment. This is the reason why we viewed it important to have a site to educate our potential clients on the same.

Here, you will learn extensively on the benefits of installing artificial grass in our blog post “benefits of installing artificial grass”. Let us now have a look at the procedure we follow when installing artificial grass.

Requirements for this installation include: artificial grass itself, building sand, digging tools, weed control layer, crafting knife, jointing tape, club hammer, protective gloves and a brush.

The Prep

We begin the garden preparation by removing the existing weeds and turf. The tool used in this case


largely depends on the size of the garden with a spade being appropriate for a small garden but bigger ones requiring a professional turf cutter.

Once all the existing weeds and grass has been eliminated, we spread out a sand layer which will form the base for the artificial grass.

We then level out the sand and compact it so as to give the turf a firm base. The compacting process usually involves the use of a heavy hammer and a builder’s plank after which we smooth down the sand. Mounds and gentle slopes are allowed.

The final ground preparation is the laying out of a weed membrane on top of the layer of sand. This serves as a guarantee that the weed menace is now history.

Grass Installation

We usually lay our grass leaning the pile towards the house which will give it a natural look when viewing from the house. When rolling out the turf on the garden, we ensure that the rolls are staggered throughout the entire space so they do not end up in a line. Then with the craft knife, we trim the edges of the rolls ensuring a seamless look.

When laying the grass, one important tip is to ensure that the rolls lie in the same direction with the grass blades all pointing in the same direction too. Then lay the rolls immediately next to each other leaving no blade in-between.

These separate rolls are then glued together with the jointing tape ensuring that none of the blades come in contact with the glue.

For a seamless effect, we shuffle the turf fibers with the aim of disguising the seal to give a natural look.

Using pins, we fix the edges of the grass rolls onto the ground while ruffling up every pinned point to make the pins invisible.

The final step is now brushing the lawn to give it a fuller and a more natural appearance.

This is basically what our company will do for you the moment you hire our services. You can call our toll free number at any time and you are guaranteed to be tended to.

As you can note, we are ready to learn a lot together. Do not forget to bookmark our site!